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Электротехническая продукция


Our company is one of the few Russian producer

 Button Switches KE,
Button Switches KME,
Switches PE,
Switches KPE,
Control stations PKU,
as well as — bimetallic rivet Contacts
Serve the whole of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Pushbutton Switches 30 mm diameter 

Upgraded button switches KE and PE (diameter 30mm) Analogues of buttons and switches 50-21 VC, VC 14-21, KU, Harmony9001k / sk (Schneider) and others.


 Full cycle of production at the plant, Russian materials, with silver contacts! Pushbutton Switches KMEm, switches KPE (diameter 22mm) Analogs buttons KME, CARE (Ukraine), VK43-21, VK21, XB4 (Schneider), ABB , Titan M22 and other similar buttons European and Chinese production. We choose counterparts!

Fulfill your order inscriptions on plastics and metals by laser marking.


Quality certificates

We constantly monitor the quality of our products. Switches KE, PE, CSP have a quality certificate. Their production is fully consistent with TU and guests.

Using quality materials

Housing and internal parts are made of non-combustible, switches, high-impact plastic! Our products are equipped with silver contacts, which significantly increases their durability, switching parameters, as well as the intrinsic safety!

Our partners

Over the years our company clients become energy service plants, Underground (Moscow), river and sea ports, Railways, MAZ (Belarus), MTZ (Belarus), Severstal (Cherepovets), Seversky Tube Works, Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, etc. . The circle of our clients is very wide from the borders of the CIS countries to the Far East. Our company has established strong relationships with reliable suppliers. Therefore, we can guarantee only quality products.

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